When I Fall Down

  I have my plans, I run ahead. My day filled with important things. No time to lose, no time for You. No time at all, or so it seems. I run too fast, I can’t slow down. I never hear You when you call. Run faster still, I lose my step. You long to... Continue Reading →

When Feelings Lie

I always "feel" something.  Sometimes I’m able to manage my feelings fairly well.  Other times the best I can do is muddle through. Maybe you can relate. Being sensitive is not a problem when all is happy and content. But what about those times when my feelings are less than desirable? When I’m filled with sadness,... Continue Reading →

Christmas: A Way of Life

  December 25th, Christmas.  A day when families and friends gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus, God in the flesh, who came here as a tiny baby to change the whole world. To change our own personal space. To change our lives, now and forever. A day to give extra hugs, extra grace.  A... Continue Reading →

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